Monday, July 19, 2010

Meeting on Friday night July 23rd

Don't be led astray---there are five Fridays in July, but we meet on the fourth Friday as usual.

See you this Friday July 23 at our usual meeting place, 154 West Sierra Madre Blvd, Sierra Madre CA
Doors open at 7:00 P.M. and the meeting starts at 8:00 P.M.

We will have Works in Progress, Announcements and a nice new raffle.

We need all Anigrand kits for the Nationals , built or not, back to our club on Friday for transport to the IPMS Nationals.

See you Friday

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Spent several hours tonight rearranging my display cases and came to the ultimate conclusion that I have grown as a painter and builder over the last several years. I seem to have three distinct periods of building.

~Starting and learning

~Building but not really caring how finished things where ( a step back)

~Building and painting as complex as I can with as much detail as I can.

A lot of that has to do with my time, my daughter, and my wife. All of which have been in flux for the past 5-6 years. And for the first twenty years of my duaghters life and our CLub and Show put more time into those endevors than into building and painting. Now I feel I am in a period when I have improved a lot thanks to Richard Dauglash and John Cina and Steve Munroe. And they think I don't listen !!!

I also noticed that, which may or not be a problem, I have no focus---I use to do armor and everyone thought I was an "armor" guy. Then my sub phase ( still going storng) my helicopter phase ( still going strong) . But as I rearranged everything tonight and I noticed that I am very spread out Subs, Helicopters, Armor, Sci-Fi, Aircraft, Ships. Very unfocused very non pigon holed. Peter Ferk at LAMS one time tried to introduce me to a new member by saying I did subs and helicopters and finally said--here's George he does a bit of everything.

I may not get to the "next level" of painting/building/pigonholing but I got things pretty well cleaned up tonight and feel pretty good about the hobby and my own every growing skill sets.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

"The Road Trip"

Wow !!! yesterday Saturday July 10th was quite a day---on the road from 8:38 A.M. till 6:45 P.M. all over Southern Califronia for a day of modeling enjoyment.

Dave Conner was suppose to join me but took off on his annual Mono Lake trip for four days so Bill Walls stepped up to the plate and rode shotgun as we headed out to visit a couple of clubs, several hobby shops and just a great driving day in Southern California.

We left early in the morning to attedn a our first meeting of the Temecula Valley Model Club. They meet usually on the first Saturday of the month ( similar to LAMS) but moved back a week due to the Fourth of July holiday.

It was not a bad trip down there---virtually no traffic--and an hour and a half later we hit our destination Hobbytown on Jefferson Avenue in Temecula. There were about 20-25 guys for the meeting and a lot of first timers. Plus we had a great demonstration from GREX airbrush 's Daniel and using the Grex airbrush and compressors. Followed with a quick break to look around the store---terrific looking blonde working the cash register--and a lot of models and rc. As usual I spotted the 25% off tag and immediatley brought another Fine Molds X Wing Fighter to add to my now growing Fine Molds Star Wars Collection.

After we had the second half of the meeting, Show and Tell and we went around the room as a diverse group of modelers discussed various projects they where working on. Everything from a 1/18th scale P-38 to a whole nuch of neat cars from the Riverside Car Club that puts on the Catus Classic Show.

Bill Walls brought down his Hetzers as well as his Opel Blitz and I brought down the Barchino, the UH-1N Huey, the Komatsu Bulldozer, my 1/350th Type C U boat, and my little lite up flying saucer I purchased over at Burbank House of Hobbies. Seems to be my usual works in progress box that one day may have some completiton.

Mark Stubbelfield a Valley Con regular was there, as well as Steve Munroe who was visitng his in-laws over in Lake Elsinor came by. So there where a lot of familiar faces to be seen. Plus I met Mason from the ARC helicopter forum.

After the meeting we took Steve back up to Lake Elsinor and dropped him off at his in-laws ---but we did give him the option of escaping and coming with us on our adventures--we gave him the option !!!

Nonethelss Bill and I backtracked a bit to go to the Lake Elsinor Outlet stores ( no Pottery Barn for us Manly Men) instead Toys R Us Express---but sadly no models TOys R Us got out of the plastic business years ago. Kay Bee Hobbies use to be a good source of cheap plastic at their outlet stores, but alas they went out business.

After Toys R Us , we got back in the car and headed on the 15 North to "Tom's Farms" which I have passed for so many years on my way down to San Diego but never visited. We made a quick stop there for burgers ( which where good) and eye candy ( which was excellent) and the place was mobbed !!! From the freeway it looks so empty, but once you arrive it is just hopping with people all over. Lots of bikers too---though I personally can't see the Honda Crusiers which just look like cars with out walls. Give me a real "hog" anyday.

After lunch we grabbed the 15 north to the 91 to the beach cities and headed for Military Hobbies in Orange. No Lindy there today as it was Jims Birthday and they went out celebrating ---Happy Birthday Jim !!!---wonder if she brought him a model for a gift ???

Picked up another Fine Molds Star Wars model while I was there a "Y" wing as well as a copy of one of those extreme modeling magazines.

Ran into fellow club member Ted Nichols who was also making the Saturday afternoon rounds on his way over to AMPS meeting at 4 in Santa Ana.

We followed Ted to Brookhurst to see our buddies down there including the twins Louie and Steve, and once again I succumbed to the dark side and brought a Fine Molds TIE Fighter plus a soda to quench my thurst.

Then off to the last event ---So. Cal AMPS.

They will be moving soon (next three months perhaps) as Tony Alverez got a promotion (way to go!!!) but is leaving that facility. We talked for a while and I offered them a chance to run a good sized AMPS Regional under the VALLEY CON banner in March 2011. This should be interesting if they go for it, as we will have VALLEY CON, and we will partially sponsor a AMPS Regional at the same time. With AMPS on board, and Temecula Valley on board, and our friends at LAMS on board, we should have a spectacular multi club Regional at this years Valley Con. Plus other clubs will be participating as well.

Finally we left a bit early as we were exhuasted, hundreds of muiles on the Honda, lots of models and a good time !!!

Once a month its a good thing to do !!!