Saturday, October 24, 2009

Enlarging our blog photos in our posts

At last nights meetings one of the better known modelers in So. Cal admitted his lack of computer knowledge by complaining that the photos in our posts " where small"...

A quick explaniation to him, as well as information to the more computer literate in our group, revealed that to enlarge a photo in our posts merely requires the user to place his cursor over the said photo and it click and it will then reveal a larger image.

For this particular person , what that means is you put your right hand on the mouse, put your cursor (the little arrow on your screen) over the photo, and click down once on the left button on your mouse, and viola (that's French) your photo appears larger! To go back to the original photo size, and hence back to the post and blog, simply repeat the process.

If that does not work, then turn off your computer, unhook your wireless connection and power down your router, then unhook and power down your modum, then wait, go have a burger at McDonalds or build a model, then, a day or two later come back and rehook in your power to your modum, then rehook in your power to your wireless router, then re-boot (that means turn on) your computer, and remember to turn on your monitor as well. Then once your computer is booted up (and that means wait until all the flashing lights are off, or the little hourglass on the screen goes way) - then go to your internet browser and go back to our website and follow the above directions when you want to see a larger photo.

Print these insturctions out Ken so you know how to make the photos larger !!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PMS General Meeting

Our Club-Pasadena Modelers Meets this Friday night October 23rd at the usual club location 154 West Sierra madre Blvd,Sierra Madre CA

Doors open at 7:00 PM
Meeting starts at 8:00 PM

"Works in Progress", Door Prizes and a Raffle of plastic models.


Bring your Orange Con winners.....

Cactus Classic Scale Model Show

November 22, 2009

Hook Community Center
14973 Joshua Street
Victorville CA 92392


email: (Rusty Klaus)

9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Presented byVehicles in Plastic Model Club

Plastic Model Garage Sale -December 12

8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.m.

Saturday December 12, 2009

Call 714-636-4797 for details


11951 Jennifer Lane, Garden Grove

info from flyer at Orange Con October 17 2009

Military Hobbies

Lindy & Woody, big selection of some hard to find stuff:

Store located in Orange CA - 138 E. Taft

Vintage Record

Your guess is as good as mine, a flyer I found at Orange Con, says website and store open early October.

The fastest record breaking machines of all time, aircraft,lsr,hydros and x craft.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

First unedited, raw, ORANGE CON 2009 photos !!!

"Best of Show" went to the scratchbuilt speed boat ---totally awesome !!!!
Ok, it's Lakers exhibition time against Charlotte, see you Friday night when Pasadena Modelers holds it's monthly general meeting !!!!

First unedited raw ORANGE CON 2009 photos!

First quick, raw, unedited photos of Orange con 2009 - 10/17/2009

Mike,Inga, Lindy, Steve and the posse, The AMPS entourage, Dave Fredericks awesome Seaview ( I have to build mine now !!!), Jim Wechslers fantasticly awesom ATC-H Riverine (my mentor - and mine is still four months form half completon!!!), plus some armor aircraft helicopters sci-fi.

I won (!!!!) 1st in Unarmored vehicles, and a 3rd in Sci-Fi dioramas.....Barry Webb won, Inga Uwais won, Michael Shapiro won a 1st with his airliner !!!. Vendors were awesome, but i had no money so bah humbug :-(

I judged several categorys with Shawn Falsey and Daniel (sorry forgot your last name - but your father was awesome !!!)

The usual suspects were there and overall a very good on to Antelope Valley and then of course start the year with the event ---VALLEY CON 2010 !!!