Monday, August 24, 2009

Friday Night August 28 General Meeting

Greetings !

Well it's that time of month and we're getting ready for another meeting of our group - model builders here in Pasadena, or more appropriatly Sierra Madre.

Some of us will meet at the Pizza Company across the street, some in town for a cozy dinner, some at the sidewalk cafe donw the block, all in all our little social group will come together for fun and games at 8:00 P.M. this Friday night August 28th at 154 West Sierra Madre Blvd in beautiful downtown Sierra Madre CA.

we will have "Works in Progress" and bring your IPMS National Award winners if you went and if you can, a great raffle, and a new twist with our ion-house contest - see about three posts below.

We also have a new Club meeting sponsor, and a special offer from a national distributor of paints and figures.

All in all we move into the fall with lots of excitment, and me still on this side of the earth....

VALLEY CON 2010, is full speed ahead for March 7, 2010 at the Pasadena Civic center. Vendor table registration forms will be emailed out very soon.

See you Friday !!!!


New Club Meeting Sponsor

Our good friend Mike Diaz will be giving us a sponsorship for club meetings as follows ( and probably a nice raffle prize as well !!!)

15% discount on all model goods. If you see it in FSM or Squadron, Mike will bring to our meetings the latest in tools, kits, mags, etc. Members can call in orders as well, pay at the meetings as well ( if you have good credit and can produce six forms of ID plus have won numerous times at Valley Con or the Nationals, and can sign over your house and car and first born) And also no tax !!! They will pay your sales tax. So PMS members are looking at about a 23% discount !!!

More details to come at this months meeting !!! And perhaps even a Mike sighting !!!!

PMS at the IPMS Nationals

Once again the Pasadena modelers Society took center stage at the Nostalgic Plastic display booth at the IPMS Nationals in Columbus Ohio as a number of our members built display aircraft for this years show.

Next year in Phoenix we will have an even bigger role to play as we will be the prime builder for most of the display table for Anigrand and Nostalgic.

Stay tuned for details and photos of this years show !!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Guess Our Club Members - Win Raffle Tickets !!!

At our August 28th meeting if you can correctly guess the names of our Club members who appear above in their Sesame Street getups you win two dollars worth of raffel tickets ! (Certain members excluded myself and one other who will remain nameless). You must submit your entry in a sealed envelope with your name on the outside of the envelope, at the beginning of the meeting on the night of August 28th. Prize winners will be announced during the meeting break but before the raffle and you the winners will get two dollars worth of raffle tickets for the correct anwsers (8 tickets). Photos of the member are here.